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Motohelp is a non-profit organization aimed to rescue and support motorcyclists, scooters and cyclists gotten into an RTA (road traffic accident).
Motohelp mission is to improve RTA support to the most efficient level.

We are non-profit and rely mostly on public’s donations. Here is the statement from the tax office as for non-profit status (in Ukrainian) and our tax report for 2017 ( in Ukrainian).

Scope of Motohelp activities:

  • Arrival to the RTA scene located in Kyiv and its suburbs;
  • Providing of the first aid to an RTA victim;
  • Gathering of RTA scene primary information (photo/video capturing, looking for witnesses, web cams, and other relevant information that might be helpful for all-round legal proceedings);
  • Providing of psychological aid to a victim, his/her relatives and friends at an RTA scene;
  • Victim’s juridical support at an RTA scene;
  • Blood donors search for an RTA victim;
  • Organizing of whip-round for the critical RTA victim’s relatives;
  • Collecting and analyzing of statistical data related to two-wheelers’ RTA in Kyiv;
  • Organizing of trainings, workshops and lectures for motorcyclists in order to improve traffic rules knowledge, acting in extreme situations, etc.;
  • Sporting events support (coordinating with ambulance teams, convoys’ accompaniment on general use roads, marshals and referees).

Additional areas of activities:

  • Monitoring and posting of accident-related information at moto.kiev.ua forum in the discussion thread “ACCIDENT Again!!! – INFORMATION”;
  • Organizing of public events, directed to improve road safety (lectures on juridical and other topics at “MOTOHelp learning center”);
  • Marshal’s and medical support of various sporting events. During several years we have created a fully equipped and trained team for support of motorcycling, cycling and other competitions.

Motohelp is a non­profit organization and social project directed to development of collaboration among motorcyclists.
Anyone can become a volunteer of Motohelp or take part in our events.
Please follow the link to get acquainted with the organization charter: MotoHelp Charter

Central operator phone:
(097) 900-999-0

Everybody who is able or willing to help may use the following bank details:

PJSC CB “PrivatBank”, Capital branch
MFO (soft code) 380269
EGRPOU (USREO) 39127681
Account # 26005056205017
MasterCard 5169 3305 0115 1572
Beneficiary NPO “Motohelp”
Payment details: charitable contribution for the statutory activity
Financial support for MotoHelp by Internet is available in section “MotoHelp Savings Box”

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