How to join our team

First of all you should decide in which way you could be helpful as a MotoHelp member.
We are looking for people with strong commitment to respond to road traffic accidents at 24/7 basis. Skills and knowledge are important but not a must — we’ll tell, teach and train to help right. The main criteria is your unbeatable will to volunteer responsibly at any moment.

If you want to help but don’t have a motorcycle or you cannot attend accident scenes you still can be useful. All year round we need various specialists to engage in different projects and challenges.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to apply:

  1. Please send a motivational letter with description of duties you can potentially take and contact information to
  2. An HR representative will get back to you within 48 hours to assign a meeting.
  3. In case of successful interview you’ll be assigned as a trainee for a probationary period. During this period you will have limited access to our system and will attend road traffic accident scenes together with experienced volunteers. At this point both team and the trainee will have some time to look around and decide if they made a good choice as the real work of MotoHelp volunteer may differ from one could imagine.
  4. On the second stage of probationary period the trainee engages in more responsibilities and begins to study law issues, first AID etc.
  5. Trainees who show great motivation become full team members.

Some points you should take into consideration before applying:

  • MotoHelp reserves the right to decline any application at their discretion without mentioning a reason. Please don’t take it personally if happens.
  • All members are obliged to pay the annual membership fee (100 uah) and meet the expenses if necessary for a course at the Department of Emergency states and Disasters of National Medical Academy.
  • MotoHelp does NOT “collect” members to keep high amount. If you are in we expect you to act. Otherwise you may be switched to another field of duties or will have to leave. We strongly value each and every member and their contribution to the common part though anyone can be dismissed under certain situations.
  • MotoHelp has internal regulations for all departments. Due to high level of responsibility taken any person who neglected it can be dismissed.
  • We highly recommend you to read MotoHelp organization charter before applying.

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