Support us

You may support us in several ways:
1) money donation;
2) material aid: medicine, bandages, equipment for volunteers, fuel;
3) a place where we can hold our meetings and teaching events;
4) volunteering.

You may donate money to our account from your plastic card worldwide. Every donation of any size helps us! We report on donations and spending every month on our website. Here is a report of our activities in January-February 2016: donated 12 138,50 UAH, spent 14 282,64 UAH.

The donation amount is not fixed. Whatever amount you want to donate, just fill it in.

You can give material aid to a volunteer you know, bring it to our storage or call +380 97 900 999 0 and tell us which articles you possess and their location. Several of our volunteers travel frequently and are able to bring your donation to Ukraine. Here are the examples of what we need:

If you have extra medicine or expendables after your hospital stay or rehabilitation (e.g. bandages, syringes, diapers, blankets, crutches) we would gladly take it for our ‘medicine deposit’ and would provide it to motorcycle, scooter or bicycle riders in need.

We would also appreciate medicine for first aid kits for our volunteers. The most used items are:
– elastic and gauze bandages;
– chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide and other antiseptics in plastic bottles;
– rubber gloves;
– sterile wipes;
– cooling packets.

Every year we spend a lot on combat application tourniquets (C.A.T.), Israeli bandages and SAM splints.

We also need equipment for our volunteers: MOLLE lap bags and pouches for first aid kits, flashlights and headlamps, pulse oximeters, flashing red lights for marking road accident scenes.

Every month we do our best to provide the most active volunteers with fuel. We would be thankful for fuel vouchers, cards and cans.

We need a lecture hall or any premises for 30-50 people where we could hold our lectures, training events (the events schedule may be found on our website and in social networks accounts), and volunteer meetings. The premises must be equipped with central heating in winter, electricity, and chairs. We would prefer the premises that are located near a metro station.

We always need volunteers! As well as people who would attend RTA scenes and support sport events, we always need emergency service coordinators, medical professionals, attorneys etc. From time to time, we need people who would take care of administrative duties aimed at making life of riders in Ukraine easier and more pleasant. Find out how to join.

Thank you for your support!

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