Welcome to Motohelp web site!

Central operator phone:
(097) 900-9990

Motohelp is a non-profit organization aimed to rescue and support motorcyclists, scooters and cyclists that have gotten into a road traffic accident (RTA).
Motohelp’s mission is to improve RTA support to the best and most efficient level.

We are a non-profit organization and rely mostly on the public’s donations. Here is the statement from the tax office as for non-profit status (in Ukrainian).

Scope of Motohelp activities:

  • Responding to an RTA scene located in Kyiv and its  suburbs;
  • Providing first aid to an RTA victim;
  • Gathering primary information at the RTA scene, including but not limited to, photo/video capturing, looking for witnesses, web cams, and other relevant information that might be helpful for all-round legal proceedings;
  • Providing psychological aid to a victim, their relatives and friends at an RTA scene;
  • Victim’s juridical support at an RTA scene;
  • Blood donors search for an RTA victim;
  • Organizing whip-round for the critical RTA victim’s relatives;
  • Collecting and analyzing statistical data related to two-wheeler RTAs in Kyiv;
  • Organizing trainings, workshops and lectures for motorcyclists in order to improve knowledge of traffic rules, acting in extreme situations, etc.;
  • Supporting sporting events (coordinating with ambulance teams, convoys’ accompaniment on general use roads, marshals and referees).

Additional areas of activities:

  • Monitoring and posting accident-related information at forum in the discussion thread “ACCIDENT Again!!! – INFORMATION”;
  • Organizing public events, directed to improve road safety;
  • Marshal and medical support of various sporting events. During several years we have created a fully equipped and trained team for supporting motorcycling, cycling and other competitions.

Motohelp is a non­profit organization and social a project directed at development of collaboration among motorcyclists.
Anyone can become a volunteer of Motohelp or take part in our events.