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We have been developing volunteer rescue activities since 2008

We help the military
We urgently deliver blood to hospitals
We respond to motorcycle and bicycle accidents
We go to emergency calls and provide first aid
We teach first aid
We accompany mass events and competitions

Help to the military

Motohelp has been supporting the Ukrainian military since 2014. Even before the full-scale invasion, we helped our defenders with medicine, protection and weapons. But since February 24, this activity has become the main activity for our volunteers. Now we are helping Ukrainian soldiers defending our country. The Motohelp team collects and delivers to the defenders tactical personal first-aid kits equipped with high-quality first aid supplies in combat conditions.

Urgent delivery of blood components to hospitals

In 2019, Motohelp started an innovative direction of volunteer activity – urgent delivery of blood to hospitals in Kyiv and the region. Often, the need for urgent delivery of donor blood components arises in oncology clinics, maternity hospitals and general hospitals with a large number of patients.

We became the first non-governmental organization in Ukraine that started delivering blood components from blood centers to hospitals in urgent cases on a volunteer basis. In 2021, our volunteers made more than 600 trips to deliver blood.

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, we do not stop our activities and our volunteers help save lives every day.

Help save lives:

Name of recipient: ГО МОТОХЕЛП
Receiver code: 39127681
The recipient’s account in the format according to the IBAN standard: UA033052990000026008016802606
Name of the bank: АТ КБ “ПРИВАТБАНК”

$ IBAN: UA063220010000026206312938454

€ IBAN: UA443220010000026207307439291
Account No: 26207307439291

Trainings in pre-medical care

Motohelp started training practice in 2012. In 2014-2015, we actively trained defenders of Ukraine, in 2015, during the police reform, our instructors on a volunteer basis conducted a number of classes for the patrol police of Ukraine. We also conducted hundreds of volunteer trainings for the public.

We believe that spreading knowledge and first aid skills is an important and priority area of ​​our public activity.

With the start of a full-scale invasion, our instructors train the military in tactical medicine, as well as conduct training for the general public.

Our partners:

The first on the place↗

In 2020, “Motohelp” volunteers began to respond to emergency medical assistance (EMS) calls to events with serious injuries.

Responding to motorcycle and bicycle accidents ↗

If you were involved in a motorcycle or bicycle accident or witnessed the event and the driver of the vehicle needs help, let us know.


There are never enough volunteers. We strive to provide assistance as soon as possible. The number of free volunteers plays an important role in the response time. And we will take care of the quality!