Donor Blood Delivery

Urgent donor blood delivery to hospitals, on a motorcycle.

In 2019, NGO Motohelp launched the Donor Blood Delivery project, which opened an innovative line of volunteer activity in Ukraine. The relevance of this project is that hospitals periodically need the urgent delivery of donor blood. The greatest need for such deliveries is found in oncology dispensaries, maternity hospitals and generalist hospitals with a large number of patients.

How does this work?

Incase an urgent delivery of donor blood is required, the blood center contacts the Motohelp operator. Within 10 minutes, most often within 3, the Motohelp operator informs the blood center whether a volunteer is available to deliver the donor blood.

Once the volunteer is ready, they go to the blood center on the motorcycle and pick up the donor blood in a special container. The volunteer then secures the container onto the motorcycle and delivers the valuable cargo to the respective hospital.

During delivery Motohelp is fully responsible for cargo’s safety. Blood centers and transfusion physicians can also view the status of the donor blood delivery online in a dedicated online chat and have the complete information about the movement of the volunteer delivering the donor blood. Such a volunteer is called the “blood biker”.

Our organization was the first in Ukraine to start delivering donor blood from blood centers to hospitals in emergency cases on a volunteer basis.
Over the course of 2019, with the task of delivering donor blood, our volunteers traveled approximately 2960 km through the in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

We are currently developing donor blood delivery system in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, and are signing cooperation agreements with hospitals to which this may be relevant.

A separate task for Motohelp is to spread this practice to other areas of Ukraine. Our processes are completely open, for those who want to engage in such activities; we are ready to share the experience and help setup the process.

Timely blood delivery sometimes saves human life, and human life is of the highest value.